Spend Spring Experiencing The Magnificence Of India While 
Deepening Your Understanding Of Courage And Social Justice

Our Annual New Delhi Spring Tour
13 - 23 March

Explore The Wonders Of
India ​​​​​​​In A Meaningful Way

You'll get 10 amazing and fulfilling days exploring the sights, tastes and wonders of India, paired with thoughtful engagement with our partner Nonprofit Organisations. New Delhi will inspire and delight you with every new temple, food cart, yoga class and good cause. It’s an adventure not to be missed.

Spring in New Delhi is one of the best times to be in the city as it undergoes a significant transition in wardrobe, food, nature and festivities. See India’s flora and fauna in its full bloom in  Lodi Gardens.  Visit some of the best botanical gardens in the country by rail - Chandigarh’s Rose Garden, The Terraced Garden and  The Garden of Fragrance. 

The social justice component of the experience will enrich your New Delhi experience through workshops and visits to development organisations. Giving you the opportunity to understand India through critical dialogue about the past, present and future through a social justice lens.  The ultimate aim is to gain a nuanced perspective of India to encourage thought and ultimately inspire action.

Don't Just Travel - Travel With Purpose

India has a robust civil society working towards the realization of a world where all members of society, regardless of race, caste, class, gender, religion or age, have basic human rights and equal access to opportunities. Join us as we engage with and learn from those at the forefront of the efforts in this vibrant and dynamic country. Observe, explore and grapple with the challenges and innovative responses at varying levels. We have thoughtfully put together meaningful interactions that will challenge you, inspire you, and most of all get you to appreciate the complexity of social justice and resilience.
Explore The Hauz Khas Complex - an ancient complex that houses a tomb, a mosque, and a water reservoir as well as a village that dates back as early as the 1300s. ​​​​​​Visit Jama Masjid - a magnificent mosque which accommodates 25 000 people and was commissioned in the mid 1600s by the emperor Shah Jahan. Do a Day trip to The Taj Mahal in Agra - see the sun rise over this magnificent wonder.  Built by Shah Jahan to immortalise his love for his favorite wife. Tour the Red Fort and its museums - another architectural feat commissioned by Shah Jahan – this one in 1659, as the fortified capital of his city Shahjahanabad.
We will lead you on a journey that will tantalise your senses and elevate your spirit. Spring in India is the temperate season, mainly a transition between Winter and Summer. Signs of spring begin toward the end of February, when snow in the Himalayas begins to melt and pleasant temperatures take over most parts of Northern India, including New Delhi. Visit beautiful Lodi Gardens in Delhi as well as the famous rock garden of Chandigarh that is constructed entirely of recycled materials highlight the new life and regeneration. We focus on learning from and sharing our time with our partner development organisations while exploring the diverse culture of India. Travel with purpose this Spring.

Development Immersion Travel experts

if i could... has been providing cultural immersion programs that make travel fun and meaningful for over 14 years. By partnering with organizations that empower their local communities, our programmes pair learning and meaningful interactions with sightseeing and development activities. We respect the beauty and history of our host country and empower others to give responsibly and sustainably. We are a community of purposeful travelers with one common goal - work toward the greater good.  Our Development Immersion Programmes expose organisations in need to mindful and skillful people from around the globe.

Changing Lives Through Purposeful Travel

- Founder & CEO -
"I dreamed up if i could...  to create personal and professional development opportunities through curated travel immersion tours, community giving projects, internships and volunteer programmes. Developing new and sustainable projects that offer tangible solutions to communities in need."

Join Us For
Our Spring with Spirit Tour 
New Delhi
Spend Spring Experiencing Magnificent India While
Deepening Your Understanding Of Courage & Social Justice
Spring in New Delhi

13 - 23 March
Day 1 | Welcome
We look forward to welcoming you to New Delhi for an immersive Spring with Spirit experience. Our team will meet you and at arrivals and take you from Indira Gandhi International Airport to your comfortable accommodation.
As arrivals are likely to be somewhat staggered, we’ll spend this day unwinding after long flights and relaxing. Those of us who are feeling more ready for a preliminary explore of New Delhi can venture out to one of the local markets with a member of our team.
In the evening we invite you for your first-time experience of Indian hospitality with a special welcome dinner prepared specially for you.
Day 2 | Language lesson / Lotus Temple / Hauz Khas
Today we engage in the orientation programme prepared for you by our New Delhi and India experts. Our Experience Facilitators are Vidushi Malhotra (who lives in this remarkable city) and Shamillah Wilson (our South African Social Justice Expert who is leading this tour).  We’ll introduce you to Social Justice as a concept, reflect on how this concept is relevant in the local context and have an opportunity to share and discuss what this means for us all as world citizens, committed to a common future.

We’ll give you a taste of the language and some pointers on how to respectfully interact within the rich and diverse culture of India.  We’ll also elaborate on the nuances and challenges facing India today with an opportunity for sharing ideas and insights. We’ll also share some health and safety protocols and give you an insider’s guide to transport and navigating this city.

This orientation is to help you understand the social, economic and cultural landscape of India. Shamilla will share some ideas and provocations with you to help you begin thinking about your own privilege and how we can sustainably assist others. We’ll discuss what it means to live with courage and compassion.

Then we depart for the magnificent Lotus Temple, a Bahá'i House of Worship that welcomes those of all creeds. The marble petals that form the nine sided structure reflect peacefully in the ponds surrounding the temple. 

Once we’ve explored this beautiful, more modern space (the building was completed in 1986), we’ll explore Hauz Khas Complex- an ancient complex that houses a tomb, a mosque, and a water reservoir as well as a village that dates back as early as the 1300s. This ancient space is at the centre of the Hauz Khas neighbourhood and is the antipode to the modern houses and businesses that are built around it. Hauz Khas is the heart of New Delhi’s creative energy – the area is a network of lanes on which one  can find modern art galleries, antique shops, excellent coffee shops, restaurants serving both local and international cuisine, and quirky shops selling Bollywood posters.
Dinner at your leisure and an opportunity to explore in the evening Hauz Khaz shall end our first foray into the exquisite juxtaposition that is India.
Day 3 | SPYM Organisation  & Bird Sanctuary
We’ll breakfast at home and then head out to visit SPYM, our first partner organisation.
SPYM (Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses) is a New Delhi based non-profit that works closely with youth who are in conflict with the law. The organisation provides medical assistance, counselling, legal help, residential accommodation, meals, a literacy and education programme, skill-set development, and extracurricular activities. They are also extending their outreach and providing a drop-in facility for homeless children who are prey to drugs and crime, with the ultimate aim of reintroducing them back to mainstream society.

We’ll have a tour of the facilities and shall spend some time engaging in a professional discussion with experts in the field, learning about positive behaviour change interventions that are practised with the youth in the care of this organisation. Following this, the group itself will debrief on the experience and reflect on how this relates to our own lives and connection to Social Justice.

Opposite the Red Fort and right next to Chandni Chowk is the Jain Charity Bird Hospital. It was founded in 1956 on the Jain principle of aversion to killing and this unique bird hospital treats all types of birds and believes in the freedom of all living beings, no matter how small or insignificant they are. It’s fascinating to see all the ‘patients’ and especially the care taken as injured birds are brought in, both tame and wild, with more than 60 birds being admitted and treated each day. Knowing that being aware of all living things and the way in which we all interact is tantamount to understanding and expanding on our practice of Social Justice Awareness.

From here we’ll move on to Chandni Chowk (the moon light square) which is one of the oldest and busiest markets in old Delhi. It is filled with people, fabric, bric-a-brac, spices, and most importantly to us on this day – the most delicious street food.  We’ll sample delicious, freshly prepared local street food for lunch while being led on a cycle rickshaw tour of the vibrant spice market. 

We then visit the Red Fort (an architectural feat commissioned by emperor Shah Jahan  in 1659 as the fortified capital of his city Shahjahanabad. It was plundered of treasure in the 1700 and nearly destroyed by the British Raj, yet the fort still stands. The red sandstone building now houses museums and it is from the ramparts that the prime minister of India delivers a national broadcast annually on independence day).

We’ll go back to bustling Chandni Chowk with it’s incredible sights so that you can explore it independently – the brightest colours, magnificent patterns and enthusiastic vendors all illuminated by matted bundles of cabling and electric bulbs hanging overhead that somehow provide light to the activity below them and then we’ll head back to our accommodation together. 
Day 4 | Discussion with Dr Rajesh Kumar (Thought Leader)
You have the morning free to explore a little or to lie in. We visit SPYM again in the late morning to meet Dr Kumar, the Director and learn about the meaningful interventions they offer and spend some time with the children and youth that the organisation supports. 

Then we visit the incredible Jama Masjid.  Commissioned in the mid 1600s by the emperor Shah Jahan (who also commissioned the Red Fort and Taj Mahal), this magnificent mosque has the capacity to accommodate 25 000 people and, in keeping with Shah Jahan’s detailed aesthetic, is constructed from white marble and red sandstone and beautifully detailed with black marble inlays.

We’ll return to Chandni Chowk for a bit of shopping and you’ll have another chance to explore and photograph this teeming, culturally rich, unique New Delhi location.
Dinner tonight is with Dr Kumar who shares his passion for development and vast experiences working with nonprofits in the development sector in India. We’ll have an opportunity to ask him questions about his work and Shamilla will facilitate conversations and further exploration.
Day 5 | Visit Free School Under The Bridge & Parth
Today we rise very early for our early morning yoga retreat in the historical Lodi Gardens.
After yoga we’ll have a  picnic brunch in the gardens, as many locals often do and then have time to explore. The gardens were originally landscaped in 1936 during the British Raj by Lady Willingdon, wife of the Governor-General of India and renamed Lodi Gardens after independence. The site of the gardens dates back to the 1400s and one can visit ancient tombs and more modern architectural marvels.

This afternoon we visit a very special organisation that focuses their efforts on teaching children from impoverished areas in Delhi. The Free School Under the Bridge uses the simplest of resources and relies on volunteer teachers. This space is incredibly special and provides educational opportunities for children who would otherwise have no access to education. We’ll discuss innovations in education and how organisations work with scarce resources to promote social change and access to education. We’ll also visit another unique education organisation, Parth Education and have an opportunity to contrast the interventions employed by these organisations. 

Following both these experience, the group will have the opportunity to collectively reflect on and debrief on how both interventions contribute to social justice within an educational context.  This is the opportunity also for the group to contrast this with experiences in their own country and enrich their understanding from the contributions of the other participants.

​​​​​​​The late afternoon and evening are yours to explore the city and have a taste of the weekend nightlife. 

Our train leaves early tomorrow morning!
Day 6 | Train journey to Nek Chand Rock Gardens
Rail travel in India is a unique experience! We’ll be taking a train to Chandigarh, capital of two north Indian states Punjab and Haryana. The city was designed by Swiss-French modernist architect, Le Corbusier and as one of the first planned cities of post-independence India it boasts a unique aesthetic that is internationally renowned for it’s architecture and design.

We’ll visit the beautiful Nek Chand Rock Gardens. This now expansive mosaic and sculpture garden - that is completely built of industrial and home waste and thrown-away items - was initially started by Mr Chand who built it secretly in his spare time in 1957. Today it is spread over an area of 40 acres (161874.25 m²).  With interlinking manmade waterfalls, pathways, and beautifully crafted sculptures made from recycled materials, this garden is a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand your photographic skills. 

After our Rock Garden exploration, we’ll visit Sukhna lake which is a 3 km² rainfed lake at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas.The lake was created by Le Corbusier - to preserve its tranquility, he insisted on two things: that it be forbidden for motor boats to circulate in the water, and for vehicular traffic to be prohibited on top of the dam (promenade). We’ll take a trip on the water with pedal boats and admire the promenade.

In the afternoon we’ll visit the busy Shastri market famous for its excellent bargains and then catch our train back to New Delhi. 
Day 7 Overnight at All Creatures Great and Small
Pack an overnight bag and we depart for a fascinating drive off the beaten track to the picturesque green, rural area of Haryana through a landscape very different to the urbanised Indian capital of New Delhi.  This is a chance to leave the city for a breath of fresh air and experience a remarkable animal sanctuary.

Our hosts, All Creatures Great and Small have an animal sanctuary situated on a farm, they give animals in distress a home when no one else will - they’ll take us on a guided tour of the farm to meet the animals and learn more about their animal care and rescued animals. 

Currently housing over 250 dogs, they also care for (amongst others) rescued cats, cows, donkeys and emus. We shall be lucky enough to share our time and labour with them on improving their facilities and engage with an animal rescue expert who shall talk to us about the challenges of working with rescued animals in Indian society. 

This evening we’ll have dinner at the homestead with their founder Anjali Gopalan, a renowned animal and human rights activist, an internationally recognised speaker and passionate about a variety of  causes.

We’ll stay the night here and leave for a wonderful host organisation in the morning. 
Day 8 | NAZ Foundation Visit
We wake to a simple breakfast at the homestead on the farm and then depart back to Delhi where we shall visit the NAZ foundation,  our next host organisation.

This organisation was started by the same inspirational woman who heads up our host organisation of yesterday. Here we shall find out about how they work with girls’ empowerment, community capacity building, HIV and Aids education, and Advocacy for the rights of those marginalised by the disease. 

In the afternoon we’ll spend time with some of the children in the project, playing ball games and interacting with them.

The evening is yours to rest and explore the city. 
Day 9 | India Gate / Parliament / Connaught Place
After breakfast at home we visit India Gate and Parliament. Pack your overnight bag before we go, ready for our trip later today to Agra.

India Gate is similar to the French Arc de Triomphe and commemorates the more than 70, 000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War Stand with your back to this impressive structure and you’ll see the beautiful circular building of the Indian Houses of Parliament.

We then explore Connaught Place (abbreviated to CP) - the largest business, financial and commercial centre in New Delhi. Building of this business centre began in 1917 and it is a magnificent example of a Raj imposed concept that has been completely owned by India. It is a hub of Bollywood films and high end tea houses. It boasts a bustling night-life and interesting local cuisine and it’s a must visit destination when in New Delhi.

After lunch in CP we’ll travel to Agra - home of the iconic Taj Mahal.  We’ll overnight in Agra, ready to experience the Taj Mahal at sunrise.

Many people think that seeing the Taj is the seminal Indian experience and it’s on many travellers bucket-list. There is something truly magical about this place that was constructed for love. Before we go into the building we shall see it from the river that runs behind it - watch as the turrets catch the sunset and reflect in the waters and the white sands. 
Day 10 Taj Mahal / Agra Fort / Fatehpur Sikri
The Taj Mahal at sunrise is an experience that continues to enchant us - no matter how often we visit. Sunrise at this iconic location is a highlight of your trip.

The white marble turreted and domed structure was built by Shah Jahan to immortalise his love for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. She never got to see the completed monument, constructed by 20, 000 workmen over 22 years and was laid to rest there upon its completion in 1653. 

We’ll take the time to walk the passageways and wander in the beautiful gardens, absorbing the view of the city below us as the sun begins to light it. 

We then head to the Agra Fort, commissioned by Akbar the Great in 1565. This fort is carved from red sandstone and was reworked during Shah Jahan’s reign to include marble inlay. The forbidding exterior hides a paradise within including the Pearl Mosque and some beautiful reception halls. 

We then visit Fatehpur Sikri.  It’s in Agra and considered Akbar’s greatest feat - he included houses of worship for every faith and invited scholars from around the world to educate him and his children. He had a real thirst for knowledge and his library has become one of legend with the array of literature that must have been included (it was destroyed in a fire).The city is now abandoned as there is no water - but remains eerily beautiful and a world heritage site.

After we have feasted our senses in Agra we head back to New Delhi for a special farewell dinner.  We’ll have an opportunity to consider the learnings and experiences and share conversations and commitments going forward.
Day 11 | Farewell
Today we say goodbye to you. As your departures are likely to be staggered, our team is available to advise you on where to go for last minute shopping or perhaps experience a Bollywood film before you journey home.   

Alternatively, if you want to experience a quiet restful final day of unwinding we can make suggestions for you.

Shamilla and Vidushi will facilitate conversations and encourage sharing and space for engagement throughout the tour.  They will provide a space for meaningful engagement, encourage inspiration and help co-create change.
Your New Delhi Team
- Experience Facilitator -
Born, but not bred in New Delhi, Vidushi moved back to the capital a decade ago and has since had many serendipitous encounters in the wonderful city. She is an unabashed lover of shopping and food and swears that there is no other place in India that has as much to offer as New Delhi. A self-proclaimed globe trotter, Vidushi has traveled to 29 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe and hopes to be India's first woman to have visited every country in the world. 
- Experience Facilitator -
Shamillah is a social entrepreneur and an activist. Her work over the years includes civil society organizations, social justice movements and also development organizations in advancing social justice, and more in particular women’s rights. She is committed to unleashing the power, purpose and potential of young people, entrepreneurs and leaders. She is also a qualified Life Coach as well as a Design Thinking Coach. 
- Experience Facilitator -
Lindy is passionate about development, social justice and travel.  She has more than 25 years professional experience in the development sector. Her passion is to develop and engage with projects that offer sustainable solutions, change lives of communities and inspire others to give back, through social giving campaigns, community volunteering, immersive travel and social entrepreneurship.
Your New Delhi Mentors
- Youth Defender -
Founder & Executive Director of Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses (SPYM), a nonprofit established in 1986, focusing on youth, community mobilization, health care & socio-economic development. His accolades include; The National Youth Award (1999), Delhi Gaurav Award (2001), The Commonwealth Youth Award (2001) and the National Youth Award by the Ministry of Youth Affairs.
- Education Transformer -
Top Consultant for Government Organisations working on systemic transformation of school education in Jharkhand covering organisational & governance reform, teacher & school availability, tribal education and pedagogical intervention systems in classrooms. He personally negotiated a UNGA resolution on behalf of India, while working at the Permanent Mission of India to the UN.
- Social Activist -
Founder & Executive Director of the Naz Foundation Trust. She began working on issues related to HIV/AIDS and marginalized communities in the United States and on returning to India in the early 90s was frustrated at the lack of government response to the burgeoning HIV epidemic. She continues to push the boundaries in the field of HIV/AIDS. In 2012 TIME placed Anjali on its list of 100 most influential people in the world.
- Women's Rights Advocate -
Author & former Managing Editor of Inc. India. She also headed a team at Vedica Scholars and is Co-Founder of The Foundation For Working Women. Her career began with Asian News International (ANI), and she then went on to help launch Headlines Today and was the associate producer for the current affairs programme HardTalk India on BBC.
- Green Energy Pioneer -
Founder and CEO of Dharma Life / Gajam India. He initiated General Atlantic’s clean energy efforts in Europe and was appointed advisor to the Commonwealth Business Council Clean Energy Initiative for India in 2008. Prior he spent three years at General Atlantic where he focused his efforts on opportunities in the consumer and healthcare sectors across Europe.
- Green Business Entrepreneur -
Vijay Chaturvedi is the Director and CEO at SCORE Livelihood Foundation. He was the Vice President at TARA. His responsibilities included design, promotion, and implementation of projects for strengthening sustainable livelihood systems and incubation of Green Business models. His key area of work has been Aggregation and Market Development for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as Social Enterprises.
Listen to Shamillah Wilson discuss her thoughts and views on differential power relations in the sphere of social justice. Social justice is the recognition, engagement and understanding of the capabilities and opportunities a particular social situation lends itself towards. 
Spring in New Delhi
13 - 23 March
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What Past Purposeful Travellers Had To Say
"During the course of my development immersion, I saw more than my eyes could contain,
smelt, tasted and experienced more than I ever had."

- Susannah Edwards -
"I have learned how to connect with people on a deeper level,
even when it seems like at first you might have little in common."

- Jessica Farnsworth -
"I would recommend this to anyone. It will enrich you, challenge 
you and give you a far more real perspective."

- Johnathan Adams -
"On this tour in New Delhi I experienced things that I never imagined I would experience in my life. From an animal shelter to an organic farm, an orphanage to a bird hospital, it was all completely overwhelming but fascinating at the same time.  Our trip to the animal shelter made a poignant impression on me and made me think about the large number of animals who are neglected, helpless and in dire need of love. Seeing the pain that the animals go through because of our carelessness made me appreciate what the organisation does and their commitment to such a just cause. In summary the experience was a complete eye opener for me."
"This experience was truly great. The highlight for me was the organic farm that grows more than 20 vegetables in a really small and tiny space and they do it in the most natural way possible. It was interesting to note that the organic-wave trend  is slowly growing more and more around the world. I was also inspired by the school where they teach and raise orphans and neglected children. It hit home that there are so many children the world over who are in desperate need of education and general love and care and this organisation really makes a huge effort to look after all these children as best they can.  I was moved by this experience and really hope I can come back and help more."
"The activities on this trip were inspiring & a lot of fun. We were taken to various interesting and different places around New Delhi and what we saw and experienced can only be described as beyond amazing. Every spot was awesome but for me the highlight  was the animal shelter - this space really touched me. I don't hate animals but I'm also no animal lover but being exposed to what this organisation does on a daily basis, reminded me that thinking consciously about  our day to day activities can have a meaningful impact on everything surrounding us even including the animals we see on the streets. I'm very thankful and was inspired by each activity we experienced."
"This tour was an unforgettable experience. I had the wonderful opportunity to discover Indian culture as well as learning how to develop a better and more conscious  society. Sharing time with the children was an amazing experience that I’m so grateful for. In spite of all they face, they are all ready to give visitors their best smile. It’s completely inspiring and I'm already wishing to go back! Each day that we were there made me understand and discover myself more and has made me contemplate  what I can do better in my life."
Image Gallery
New Delhi: India’s Striking Capital City
Delhi is a city that bridges two different worlds. Laid out by British architect Edwin Lutyens, the Indian capital is a striking modern metropolis. Old Delhi, once the capital of Islamic India, is a labyrinth of narrow lanes lined with crumbling havelis and formidable mosques. In gracious contrast, the tree-lined avenues and stately buildings of New Delhi are rich with history and culture, from Gandhi’s Delhi home (and the site of his assassination) to the tomb of Humayun, a complex of Mughal buildings reminiscent of the Taj Mahal.

When do I need to arrive in New Delhi?
Our itinerary indicates specific dates of arrival and you should plan to ensure you arrive on these dates to ensure you join each trip timeously. We don’t want you to miss out on any part of this amazing development immersion experience.

Where should I fly into and out of?
You will fly into and out of Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is in New Delhi.  

Who will fetch me from the airport?
One of our team members will personally collect you from the airport and will be waiting at Arrivals to meet you. Look out for the if i could… sign and a friendly, welcoming face.

What about transport while I’m there?
We provide trusted, reliable, comfortable transport and transfers to all our listed activities and outings. We also give you a quick how to with public transport for the time you’ll have on your own. We recommend Uber as very reliable in India. Also some of the local transport (like Tuk-Tuks and Rickshaws) are unique travel experiences and we encourage you to experience India in as many unique travel ways as possible.

I want to sign up now. How do I pay?
We accept payments through PayPal. Click here to select your accommodation package then hit the BOOK NOW button.  This will reroute you to our payment facility page which is a PayPal Secured checkout page. Complete the form and click purchase. With one click you will sign into your PayPal account and proceed to the payment.  PayPal accounts are free and easy to sign up to.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you will be routed to a page where you can sign up instantly and then seamlessly rerouted back to our order page to complete your booking. Let us know if you prefer a different payment method and we will be happy to assist. Click here to mail us. Debit/credit card options available shortly.

What vaccinations do I need?
You’ll be pleased to know that you won’t need any vaccinations when visiting New Delhi and Agra. We are not travelling far off the beaten track - that is saved for your next trip with us ;-)

How can I be sure I get the room I want?
Room reservation is taken on a first come, first served basis. If you have a preference, we recommend booking now! We have various options, ranging from shared dorms, to private rooms with own bathroom.  We try to cater to all needs and budgets.

If I want to travel with a friend and book a single or private room to share do we get a discount?
Yes, if you want to share a single or private room with a friend and you both book together at the same time, click here to request special pricing.  This does not apply to the dorm room.

What’s the weather like in New Delhi?
May is the hottest month in New Delhi with an average temperature of 33°C (91°F) and the coldest month is January at 13°C (55°F). The wettest month is July with an average of 180mm of rain. We recommend having a look at a reliable weather site to get an overview of the temperatures over your intended travel dates. We like AccuWeather.

What else should I pack?
We provide a detailed itemised list of what to pack as part of our welcome pack.

What is the dress code in India?
When visiting temples, mosques and religious sites it is very important to make sure that you don’t offend.  For women, a head covering such as a scarf is recommended.  Also make sure you don’t wear short skirts, nor very revealing tops.  India is home to many religions and so it’s expected that you will make sure you are respectful. Generally a good idea for everyone is long sleeved cotton shirts or t-shirts to protect you from the sun and light, soft trousers for comfort. Comfortable walking shoes are a must!

What do I do about health insurance abroad?
We request that you arrange comprehensive health insurance before you travel. We recommend www.travelguard.com or suggest you talk to your health insurer at home. 

What happens if I get sick?
Please bring with you a small medicine kit of key medications for common ailments.  Pack medication you’re familiar with for possible ‘Delhi-belly’ - most people experience a slight shift in their gut when traveling to a new place. It’s always good to have a familiar medication on hand. We have a list of vetted local doctors and hospitals we can refer you to should the need arise, but we trust this won’t be necessary.

Can I drink the water?
It’s highly recommended that you only drink bottled water.  Some bottled water will be provided.

Should I bring traveler’s cheques?
We do not recommend that you bring traveler’s cheques, as there are limited providers who accept these cheques so it can be difficult to convert them to cash. We recommend that you use ATM and credit cards from your local bank, but please remember to notify your bank that you will be traveling internationally prior to your departure. Your bank card will work and you can withdraw cash in the local currency from a number of ATMs conveniently located.

What is the local currency?
Indian Rupees are used in India and for currency conversions click here.

How much spending money do I need?
Almost all of your costs are covered as part of our offering. You just need extra spending money for gifts, laundry, some meals, tips and souvenirs. We recommend $200-$300 spending money, depending on your taste and shopping stamina.

What is country etiquette?
It’s important to be aware of country etiquette beforehand and as part of our Welcome Pack we will share with you more information on India specifics. You’ll receive the Welcome Pack before your departure, as part of getting you 100% ready for your Incredible India trip.  This is part of our offering to you to ensure that your experience is as authentic and as meaningful as possible.

Do I need a visa?
Depending on which country you come from you may require a tourist visa.  It’s important to find this out well in advance.  If you do require a tourist visa you should please allow at least 3-4 weeks for this application process.  However emergency, short term visas can also be secured. The online service that the Indian government uses for visa application is very user friendly!

What are the laundry facilities?
Laundry facilities can be arranged.
Can I use my mobile while I am in India?
Yes you definitely can use your mobile whilst in India. Mobile connectivity is great in India. You can buy a local SIM card when you arrive at the airport. You should arrange to have your mobile unlocked from your mobile company back home.  Do this before you depart if you wish to receive and make calls.

What size is the group that I will be travelling with?
If i could… offers specially curated travel immersion experiences.  This means we only accept a limited number of travel participants to come with us on our journey.  Group size could range anywhere between 4-13 travellers and our itinerary guides our journey. We like to keep it small and intimate so we can all get to know each other.  To be one of the select few we encourage you to book early to secure your space!

Will I have any free time to explore on my own?
We may change something on the itinerary and there is quite a bit of freedom to also explore by yourself. Most of the time though is spent with our group to optimise the experience and ensure a unique development immersion opportunity. 

Who will be leading our group and showing us around?
Our in-country team leaders are just the best and we can’t wait for you to meet them! Vidushi Malhotra, is from New Delhi and is a development practitioner and social entrepreneur who has studied Social Development and travelled widely. She knows all the places to visit and the do’s and don’ts of travel in New Delhi and Agra.  Chloë Liebenberg has travelled widely in India, South America and South-East Asia and is passionate about working with adults and creating experiences for social development. She has qualifications in education and leadership and both Chloë and Vidushi are passionate about development and travel with purpose and both are super excited to accompany you and share this experience. Our founder, Lindy Briginshaw, has travelled throughout India and has carefully developed and guided the team on growing our if i could… programme since founding Creative Consulting & Development Works way back in 2003. It’s her vision to create and facilitate development immersion experiences for travellers who are fascinated with getting off the beaten track, through more meaningful travel with a purpose and with heart.  For more info on the founding organisation visit www.developmentworks.co.za.

What is development immersion and how will this trip make a real difference on the ground in communities?
Our programme engages directly with nonprofit organisations and communities in a very real, sustainable way. We have long-established partnerships with our partner organisations and, in addition to our volunteers visiting, we also facilitate the placement of internships in New Delhi with our partner organisations who host them. We also only work with reputable, credible organisations which we have personally vetted.  A percentage of the profits from our program are given back to the nonprofits we work to assist them with their meaningful work and so contribute to local community development in India. We also encourage those travelling with us to identify other more personal ways, of contributing to development in India, perhaps through a donation, or a crowdfunding endeavour, or just through telling your friends what an amazing and inspiring destination “Incredible India” is. Tourism is a great contributor to growing the Indian economy and promoting local economic development.  

What type of accommodation is provided?
We will be staying at a wonderful Guesthouse, called Bed & Chai. We stay here each tour and it’s our Home away from Home! The accommodation offers three options, (i) sharing in an 8 bed dorm room, (ii) your own single room with a shared bathroom, (iii) or your own single room with a private ensuite bathroom attached.

If I share a room, will it be girls only or boys only?
Dorms are generally not split by gender. The other rooms we have available are all private rooms - if you’d like to share with a travel partner or friend, you’ll have to let us know upfront so we can arrange that for you and book, twin or double beds. It is possible subject to availability and on a first-come - first -served basis.

What if I have specific dietary requirements?
We’re able to cater for vegetarians, as most restaurants we visit do offer numerous vegetarian options. Indian cuisine has many different flavours and types, depending on what part of India one visits. Rajasthan, in North India, offers a lot of dhal and vegetable dishes and if you are a vegetarian your taste buds will be positively challenged with some amazing new dishes and tastes. If you have other specific dietary needs please let us know.

Is there age limit to participating?
No not at all! We welcome all ages as long as you are fit, healthy and ready to experience India with us!

How fit must I be?
You don’t have to be super fit but you must be comfortable to explore and keep up. It’s definitely not hiking, nor trekking, but we would like to explore the different sites and experiences together and so require a relative degree of fitness.

Is it safe to travel to India?
Our trip is carefully curated and supported with trusted partners. We will be experiencing New Delhi and Agra in a small group so you will be fully supported. We do NOT travel to any unsafe locations and our Team Leaders are very knowledgeable about the locations we visit and have experience working with small groups of travellers.  This trip is for adventurous travellers who would like to experience India in a small group, to connect more with community and experience the heart of India through purposeful development immersion.

Why is a deposit of $400 required?
Because this is such a unique offering we only have so many spaces available.  If you want to travel with us you need to book and secure your place ASAP.  Also the accommodation needs to be pre-paid and secured. The deposit forms part of your total trip cost and you are required to pay the remainder due in good time to confirm your booking.  The deposit of US$400 is non-refundable should you cancel your trip with us. Your place is provisionally booked once we have received your deposit and we will provisionally secure your place, specially for you. Once your remainder fee is paid your booking is confirmed.

What is your cancellation policy?

●    Anytime from more than 4 weeks before departure date — 20% of total trip cost will be charged
●    Between 2-4 weeks before departure — 30% of total trip cost will be charged
●    Between 1 day to 2 weeks before departure — 50% of total trip cost will be charged
●    If you don’t show up in New Delhi  — 100% of total trip cost will be charged

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